Sony Patent Reveals Virtual Reality Controller Design Seemingly Inspired by Valve Index

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Sony Interactive Entertainment just recently published a license for a VR motion controller that look suspiciously comparable to Valve’s Index controllers, also known as ‘Knuckles. The information was initially reported by LetsGoDigital (Dutch).

All items have patents, although not all patents take place to end up being products– it’s unclear whether the controller described in the 34-page Japanese language document is indeed destined to make its method into a bonafide item of hardware, or if it’s merely an instance of Sony growing a flag in the ground ‘simply in situation’.

What’s more, it’s also unclear whether this is undoubtedly also meant for PSVR 2, Sony’s upcoming Virtual Reality headset follow-up intended for usage with the PS5 console. Allow’s make believe momentarily it is though, and also chat a little bit about the effects.

Filed with the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO), the patent lays out a VR activity controller with embedded LED monitoring markers, or similar to how Oculus Rift S and also Oculus Quest track its respective Touch controllers.

The technological document likewise details that it could be tracked optically from the headset– once more, very Oculus-like implementation below.

Image courtesy Sony Interactive Entertainment, WIPO If that weren’t a plain enough comparison from the current PS Move controllers, as it would suggest extra reputable monitoring that might include a which larger monitoring volume than the front-facing PS Camera presently allows, it likewise assumes a more common button layout with (gasp) a joystick. If you’ve ever managed the currently seven year-old PS Move controllers for any length of time, you understand how large of an offer that would be– which’s for gamers and developers alike.

There’s no mention of finger monitoring just like Valve Index Controllers, or a band that would certainly permit open-hand gameplay, although the license is a lot more worried with varying sensing unit arrangements, detailing a collection of 30 per controller.

Again, this might or may not be a PSVR 2 controller planned, however it’s clear an extra conventional, optically tracked controller would certainly be a big step in the best instructions in bringing the platform’s capabilities in accordance with both the COMPUTER and standalone headset side of things. That’s of course supplied the Virtual Reality headset does not count on the upcoming PS5 HD Camera, which would raise back to fresh start in regards to 360, occlusion-free monitoring. Right here’s to really hoping.

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