Pursuit 2 Elite Strap & Elite Battery Strap Review

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Quest 2 is the first Oculus headset to obtain main head strap accessories. There’s two to select from: the Elite Strap, which provides a rigid band with counterweight, and also the Elite Battery Strap, which is basically the exact same yet with an even much better counterweight thanks to a consisted of battery. Right here’s our review of both alternatives.

Right up front I would certainly such as to say: no issue which one you pick, if you’re a severe Virtual Reality user (ie: not a first-timer), I ‘d highly recommend either of these Quest 2 headstrap accessories over the soft strap that comes consisted of with the headset. As we located in our full Quest 2 evaluation, the soft strap just doesn’t do a great job of maintaining the headset easily on your face.

Yet the Elite Strap accessories aren’t simply an enhancement over the Quest 2 soft strap, they’re the best band layout the firm has made yet on any of its VR headsets, as well as both really feel effectively built.

Pursuit 2 Elite Strap & & Elite Strap with Battery

Photo by Road to VR It’s concerning time Oculus began offering accessory upgrades for its headsets. For the first time with Quest 2 you can obtain the Elite Strap (priced at$50 on Amazon )and the Elite Battery Strap (packed with a situation for $130 on Amazon ).

And also luckily they do not let down. The important things that makes these headstraps fantastic is that they’re the very first from Oculus (or actually any type of headset maker thus far )that makes it truly obvious exactly how to discover the ideal fit. This has actually been a relentless issue with Virtual Reality headsets from the beginning, with many new users not changing their headstraps properly, causing pain.

Getting some grasp under the occipital bone (eco-friendly)is essential to being able to disperse weight with the headset’s

top band|Picture courtesy Anatomography( CC BY-SA 2.1 JP )It’s the back rubber item, and also the certain method it’s installed to the band, that’s the trick here. The form has an obvious ‘underscoop’ that makes it very easy to tell by feel alone; it naturally grips your occipital bone, the component of your head which initially juts exterior if you map a line along the back of your neck and also as much as your head.

Primarily, with the Elite Strap as well as Elite Battery Strap for Quest 2, if you aren’t using if right, you’re mosting likely to really feel that it’s in the incorrect area. Once you do locate that sweet spot around the occipital bone, it’ll be really clear that’s where it’s intended to rest. Which makes a big distinction because the band is made to hold as if it distributes a lot more of the headset’s front weight to the top of your head instead of just tightening up the strap like a vice against your face.

Photo by Road to Virtual Reality When you’re all set to tighten up the strap, the dial on the back really makes it a wind. As you twist the dial, the headset will certainly tighten in tiny increments defined by audible clicks.

Just spin the dial the other way if you want to loosen the headstrap. While the stiff nature of the band improves its convenience, the extra weight in the back makes a huge difference also by counteracting the or else front-heavy headset. The Elite Strap as well as Elite Battery Strap share the exact same essential design; the just significant distinction is the back part of the Elite Battery Strap is about two times as thick as well as twice as heavy given that it houses an added battery– which Oculus says will double the battery life of Quest 2.

Photo by Road to VR A short wire leaves the left side of the Elite Battery Strap which links into the side of Quest 2 to feed it power. The bottom of the battery portion has its own USB-C charging port, allowing you to connect in your Quest 2 to charge both the additional battery and the headset at the very same time. In terms of convenience, I ‘d claim that the Elite Battery Strap has a small side over the Elite Strap because the increased weight provides an also much better counterweight, making for an extra balanced headset generally.

Drawbacks of the Elite Straps

Photo by Road to Virtual Reality There’s actually only one point I’m missing with the Quest 2 Elite Strap devices, which’s the spring-fitting device made use of in the initial Rift and Quest headsets. The strap layout had a spring built into the struts that made it really very easy to place the headset on and draw it off without Once you already discovered your perfect fit, loosening up or tightening it. The Elite Strap accessories do not have this, so normally you’ll wind up tightening it each time you place it on as well as loosening it each time you take it off. It’s not a major distinction, yet having that springy activity would certainly make taking the headset off and on a little bit smoother.

You will not have to deal with it frequently (unless you’re managing bands), the way that the Elite Straps attach to Quest 2 is just kind of … strange. As opposed to some sort of locking mechanism, the Elite Straps have a kind of self-clasping layout which grip snuggly onto the headset’s struts.

With sufficient force, the headstrap accessories grip around

Quest 2’s struts. It’s an awkward event, but works ultimately|Photo by Road to Virtual Reality It seems to work just fine, yet getting rid of the initial headstrap always makes me seem like I’m mosting likely to damage something, and also connecting the new straps is an unpleasant affair given that there’s no clear beginning point. You’ll figure it out ultimately, however something much more intuitive would have rated.

If you’re the sort of individual that expects to be setting or discovering your head back versus something while utilizing Quest 2 for media viewing, the Elite Straps most likely aren’t an excellent selection. The counterweight and also dial real estate is a little bit as well huge not to hinder.

Photo by Road to Virtual Reality And lastly, there’s the weird caveat that the Elite Battery Strap is only sold packed with the Quest 2 instance. So while you can purchase the regular Elite Strap on its own for $50, if you want the Elite Battery Strap you need to purchase the package which includes the Elite Strap with battery as well as Quest 2 case for

$ 130. Speaking of the case … Oculus Quest 2 Case(consisted of with Elite Battery Strap)

Photo by Road to VR Because the Elite Battery Strap can only

be bought in a package with the Quest 2 situation, we could too have a quick conversation regarding it. From a functionality standpoint it works just great and also is a small improvement over the initial case as Quest 2 slides into it more conveniently. There’s integrated room for the controllers, also if the plastic item inside that’s indicated to hold them doesn’t plainly suggest the designated controller positioning.

Photo by Road to VR While it feels pretty well put together, I think of the aesthetics will certainly be a little bit dissentious. The external skin is covered in a almost hairy and also white sensation material. This alone would not be too much of an issue, I would certainly presume, if not for the zipper opening which presents itself as an extremely contrasted black line around the entire case. Specifically due to the fact that this line does not have an uniform width completely around, it can make the situation look badly crafted sometimes.

But also for my preference, I’m denying a situation for fashion’s benefit– it offers its purpose flawlessly well as a carry for the Quest 2, controllers, and also charger.

———- The Oculus Quest 2 Elite Strap and also Elite Battery Strap accessories feel extremely well built and also come highly suggested many thanks to their without effort suitable style as well as renovations to comfort over the default soft strap. The Elite Battery Strap has a small edge on comfort thanks to the added counterweight from the battery, however sadly it can just be purchased packed together with the Quest 2 case. If you’re a new Virtual Reality customer or someone who intends to make use of Quest 2 even more for seated(or reclined )media watching than anything else, you may intend to keep the default strap initially for a couple of hrs of wear before going with an upgrade. Yet if you’re a major VR customer that intends on investing plenty of time in the headset, we ‘d suggest opting for the band update today.