‘Myst’ Remake Coming to Quest & SteamVR Headsets Soon, Trailer Here

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Myst(1993), the renowned point-and-click puzzle adventure from Cyan Worlds, is coming to the Quest system later this year, and also on SteamVR

headsets”soon.” Update( September 17th, 2020 ): It shows up Myst will certainly additionally be pertaining to SteamVR headsets in addition to release on Quest later this year, as Cyan has actually just vomitted a Steam web page and GOG web page indicating that VR will be an option along with the PC flatscreen mode. The PC version is claimed to show up “soon.”

Original Article (September 16th, 2020): Announced today at Facebook Connect, Cyan claims it’s brand-new variation of Myst is a “reimagining” of the traditional game, which will certainly include modern sound, art, and communications.

The workshop additionally says there will be the possibility to play the video game with optional challenge randomization, which should certainly supply a healthy and balanced difficulty to any person that’s already played prior to.

Right here’s all of the screenshots that were shown to Road to VR up until now:

Although you should not presume too much from screenshots, it shows up the workshop is bringing a great level of detail to the game.

Obviously, Myst for Quest isn’t the studio’s very first stab at Virtual Reality, having already brought its VR puzzler Obduction (2017 ) to PC, SteamVR headsets, PS4 and also PSVR. The workshop’s upcoming Virtual Reality title Firmament is arranged to arrive sometime after 2021.

Cyan states the Virtual Reality version of Myst was constructed “completely from the ground-up for Oculus Quest.” While it hasn’t admitted as a lot, it’s very likely going to be a Quest platform special (see update).

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