Inspired by ‘Mirror’s Edge’, ‘Stride’ Looks to Bring Smooth Parkour Action to VR

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In development by workshop Joy Way, Stride is a VR parkour activity game built atop an immersive and remarkably smooth locomotion system. With motivation from Mirror’s Edge (2008 ), Stride is a fascinating indie project due to release this Summer.

Mobility in VR games is still in a state of quick growth and also expedition. While ‘standing-only’ video games as well as teleportation are naturally fairly comfy, customers still desire the freedom of having the ability to explore big globes in manner ins which feel all-natural. Smooth, stick-based locomotion has actually become increasingly typical, however the best mobility systems seen in VR thus far make a lot more use of the gamer’s body than merely turning a stick to their thumb. Gamings like Lone Echo (2017 ), Sprint Vector (2018 ), and also Stormland (2019 ) are prime examples of immersive VR motion systems which are immersive, releasing, and also comfortable.

Stride is ambitiously attempting to bring parkour in the design of Mirror’s Edge right into Virtual Reality. And while we can’t claim how comfy the activity system will certainly be without trying it for ourselves, it’s motivating to see how much the video game implements physical motions by the player instead of easy stick locomotion. Here’s prototype footage captured by the game’s programmer:

Speed operating alone appears like maybe a lot of fun, but studio Joy Way released a brand-new teaser trailer today which exposes that the video game will certainly include battle, as well as further reveals Stride leaning into the sharp, high-contrast aesthetic design of Mirror’s Edge.

The studio is promising that Stride will additionally have a tale for gamers to follow. The game is because of introduce throughout Steam, Oculus, and Viveport this Summer (per the intro art) however the certain mix of headsets and systems (ie: Rift via Oculus or SteamVR? Pursuit?) isn’t understood yet, though we’ve reached out to the designer to learn more.

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