HP Reverb G2 Will Begin Shipping in November, New Orders in December

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HP revealed today that its upcoming Reverb G2 headset will begin delivering in” very early November “to those who pre-ordered, as well as new pre-orders starting today will deliver in December. Reverb G2 is HP’s very anticipated upcoming headset which brings a variety of enhancements and also improvements over its precursor. Sporting the highest resolution of any major headset, enhanced controllers, and also a few of the very best parts of Valve Index (like its outstanding off-ear headphones), the Reverb G2 is toning up to be the first ‘next-generation’ Windows VR headset.

The headset was at first revealed right back in May, at which time HP started taking pre-orders for the $600 device and stated that it would release in the Fall.

Today HP revealed that the Reverb G2 launch day would certainly drop in “early November,” whereupon the first headsets will certainly be shipped to pre-order consumers. When it comes to any person purchasing from today and also beyond, HP expects that brand-new orders will certainly be provided in December.

The company likewise says it’s made a couple of additional tweaks since first introducing the headset. For one, the lenses have actually been enhanced “to minimize the Fresnel ring representations and also enhance quality.” The menu button on the controllers has obtained a convex shape to make sure that it’s simpler to differentiate from the similarly sized ‘Windows’ button that’s on all WMR controllers. Included with the headset will be a full-size to tiny DisplayPort adapter and also a USB-C to USB-A adapter. Additionally the company says that after enhancing reduced determination of the display screen, Reverb G2 will certainly now require its power adapter to be connected into a wall surface outlet.

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