‘Half-Life: Alyx’ Update Adds Impressive Liquid Simulation, Foundation for Mod Scripting

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Half-Life: Alyx was updated this week with an appealing new function: a new shader which simulates liquid within the game’s several containers; a small but remarkable immersive addition. The update likewise brought some bug solutions, brand-new subtitle languages, and also improved the game’s modding tools.

At launch, Half-Life: Alyx already included a great immersive information: most of the game’s little containers and containers had actually a connected sound occasion which– when drunk– makes it seem like there’s in fact something inside. Shutoff took this one action further in the Alyx 1.4 upgrade, which was released today, by actually providing fluid inside many of the game’s bottles.

It could appear easy enough– nevertheless, fluid simulations have been around for a long time– however Alyx’s method isn’t truly a simulation as that would likely eat way too many resources. Rather, the fluid is a shader which is made to look like a persuading simulation.

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