Developer Reveals How Live Actors Sneak into the ‘The Under Presents’, and When You Can Find Them

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The Under Presents is a genre-defying Virtual Reality experience with a curious trick: from time to time some of its characters are puppeteered by genuine individuals, as well as if you’re fortunate, you might be part of the show.

Created by Tender Claws, The Under Presents is an one-of-a-kind Virtual Reality experience that mixes video game and also efficiency in mind-bending methods. Besides engaging with past versions of on your own and also the capacity to manage time, you’ll likewise stumble upon a roster of strange characters which are at times live acted from another location by real individuals. Tender Claws lately revealed how this works in technique and also its fairly remarkable.

There’s a whole side of the game which is just seen by carefully picked actors. When wearing their headset, an unique user interface allows them to choose and also tailor an one-of-a-kind avatar. They also have the capability to relocate themselves and also gamers, spawn things as props, as well as regulate the range of items. With these devices the actors delve into the game globe and also discover players that get to experience a slice of immersive movie theater.

Exactly how to discover these minutes as a player? Tender Claws says that via the month of May, players can delve into The Under Presents every Friday for 2 hours starting at 5PM (your regional time here) for a chance to capture among these fleeting performances.

The Under Presents is readily available on Oculus Rift & & Quest as well as Steam.