9 ‘Half-Life: Alyx’ Mods We would certainly Love to See

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Half-Life: Alyx has only been out for a week now, however lots of who have actually ended up the game are currently itching for even more. While we don’t expect to see any kind of significant post-release adjustments to the video game from Valve itself, the business has actually dedicated to launching devices so that the community can fine-tune the game with mods for Half-Life: Alyx. Though the modding devices aren’t offered yet, below’s listing of Alyx mods that we would certainly love to see.

Valve hasn’t made clear when they plan to launch Half-Life: Alyx mod tools just yet, but taking into consideration the appeal of the video game we anticipate to see a lot of activity when it does.

From my very own take on the game, as well as some ideas from Twitter, below I’ve listed a handful of mods I ‘d love to see for Half-Life: Alyx. I’m breaking things up into ‘Practical’ and also ‘Less Practical’ areas based upon how intricate they ‘d likely be to develop.

Practical Mods for Half-Life Alyx

Detached Weapons and Holsters

This was just one of the things that struck me right away in Half-Life: Alyx; instead of acting like independent things, weapons are adhered to your chosen ‘Weapon Hand’. And also instead of grabbing your tools from a holster as well as returning them when done, you utilize a food selection to equip as well as unequip your weapons right into your hand. I find this strategy wholly unimmersive contrasted to being able to order my tools with whichever hand I choose, or perhaps set them down.

Though I’m rather certain Valve did this to stay clear of the clunk that can originate from an iffy holster system, and to avoid individuals from dropping their weapons, we’ve seen several games that manage to do holsters and removed weapon communications well. Stormland (2019 ) revealed numerous clever solutions to these issues (like floating weapons before the gamer for a couple of seconds if they drop them) which modders could use as a basis for a holster mod in Half-Life: Alyx.

Foot Tracking

This set may seem ridiculous but it could be a major immersion booster. I’m not the only one that became so immersed in Alyx that at one point I attempted to kick something with my foot, only to keep in mind that the game does not recognize where my feet are!

Some video games already sustain the use of Vive Trackers for tracking extra components of the player’s body, and also a mod for Half-Life: Alyx which would enable foot monitoring would certainly be quite engaging also if it indicated I could kick objects on the planet for added personification. Bonus offer if I can Spartan-kick a Combine soldier out a window.

Renowned Half-Life Weapons

The Half-Life series is home to as many renowned weapons as it is adversaries to shoot them with. Regrettably Half-Life: Alyx’s tool roster left much to be desired both in regards to number and also diversity of tools.

A mod to bring several of Half-Life’s famous tools– like the crossbow, pulse, revolver, and rpg rifle second fire– to Half-Life: Alyx would enliven the fight for your next playthrough. It would likewise be nice to possess the heavy tools utilized by the huge Combine soldiers (which generally go away when they die).

And also obviously there’s the Gravity Gun itself, a weapon/tool which was foundational to Half-Life 2. It would certainly be especially fun to be able to make use of the gravity gun in Half-Life: Alyx because in Virtual Reality you would certainly get to possess it much more directly than its initial manifestation which rely upon keyboard and also computer mouse.

Gravity Glove Overdrive

Mentioning the Gravity Gun, one of the most thrilling moments of Half-Life 2 was when the Gravity Gun becomes added effective at the end of the game. While Valve might have stayed clear of doing the same for Alyx to avoid transforming the auto mechanic into a trope, I have to say that I would certainly like a powered-up version of the Gravity Gloves which could be made use of to pull and (as well as perhaps even squash) Combine soldiers and various other adversaries. It would certainly be particularly fun to be able to grab the game’s bigger physical things as well as use them as devastating projectiles.

In-game DSLR for Screenshots

Half-Life: Alyx is one of one of the most detailed VR games ever before made; with all the time Valve invested making the video game appearance so great, it would be remarkable to have an in-game DSLR electronic camera that the gamer could utilize to take screenshots like a genuine professional photographer with zoom, emphasis, exposure, and also aperture settings.

As suggested by Andreas “Boll” Aronsson, this would certainly combine well with a ‘stop time’ mode which would ice up everything else in the game so that the player can look the perfect angle for their shot.

Gameplay Adjustments

Some added gameplay choices in Half-Life: Alyx would allow players could tweak points to taste. Below’s a handful of pointers from other players:

Less Practical Mods for Half-Life: Alyx


You may be questioning why I placed melee in the ‘much less functional’ area … besides lots of VR games utilize melee. Without a doubt, though in order to get melee to work how most Virtual Reality players would really hope, I think it would certainly take quite a bit of modding work. That’s mostly since enemy AI in the game isn’t actually created to take care of physics-based melee, which suggests a modder trying to add pleasing melee to the video game would certainly require to do a lot of job to identify exactly how the physics system would certainly communicate with the computer animation and damage systems in the game to produce convincing accidents as well as

I anticipate we’ll see some rugged melee mods beforehand that simply do some damage and activate a common bullet-hit animation in opponents, yet that most likely won’t have the natural feeling of melee in Virtual Reality games like Blade & & Sorcery and also Walking Dead: Saints & & Sinners. Hey, if somebody can provide us that precious crowbar, I’m all for it.


This is, however, possibly the least practical mod in this list, in spite of being one of the most asked for and most certainly preferable. Yes, it would be amazing to have co-op in Half-Life: Alyx, however unfortunately adding such a function is a lot more intricate than the majority of people understand.

Choices made during a video game’s growth (specifically the way in which the physics, AI, as well as source administration systems work) have significant implications for exactly how simple or tough it would certainly be to include co-op to the video game. Since Half-Life: Alyx was conceived as a single player video game, Valve wouldn’t have architected any one of its systems to be conveniently integrated in between players over the internet.

It likely isn’t difficult to bring co-op to Half-Life: Alyx (nevertheless, there’s been a co-op mod for Half-Life 2 for a long period of time), but it would certainly take significant job to produce such a mod that provides an excellent experience for both gamers.

Half-Life as well as Half-Life 2 Reprise for Virtual Reality

It’s actually already feasible to play the initial Half-Life video games in Virtual Reality, yet such mods are naturally missing lots of VR-specific interactions that would be anticipated from a native VR game. Rebuilding any one of the Half-Life games to actually function well in Virtual Reality would take nearly as much time as rebuilding Alyx to work well in non-VR.

In fact, there’s been a long-running area job called HLVR which has revealed some really excellent deal with that front throughout the years however hasn’t reached a full release of the mod for the current headsets.

What mods would you such as to see for Half-Life: Alyx!.